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Orange and Peach Eye Shadows

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Orange and Peach Eye Shadows
Orange and Peach Eye Shadows
Orange and Peach Eye Shadows
Orange and Peach Eye Shadows
Your choice of orange and peach shadows/liners in 3 sizes!

Small - 1/2 gram of shadow
Medium - 1 gram of shadow
Large - 2 grams of shadow

You can use these as eye shadows, eyeliners, etc.

Give your Old makeup the Brush Off!

Choose from these shades:

Apricot: A lovely matte base eye shadow, Apricot eye shadow is a direct translation of the fruit.

Peach Mamba: Earthy and warm, this color straddles the fence between rose and peach quite beautifully. Matte.

Orange Fizz: A bright shade of orange with sunny yellow sparkle and shimmer.

Nectarine:  Luscious floating dark, ripe peach color with reflecting shimmer.

Mimosa:  Orange and yellow sparkle combine to make a splash with this bright color! Mimosa works wonderfully as an eye brightener. Think: silvery apricot/tangerine.

Irish Peach: when applied to the skin Irish Peach transforms into a two-toned sparkling jewel: Is is green? Or peach? In direct light the peach takes over and in shadows the green makes a stunning entrance. Depending on how thin or thickly it is used you are able to create variations with one single pot of color.

Rapture: Coral colored peachy pink super shimmery shadow!

Soho: Fabulous dark coral pink with blue sparkle, when blended out softens to a lighter coral pink with almost lavender sparkle.

Smoked Orange: Not so dark that fairer complexions can't wear it, Smoked Orange is a perfect blend of medium shimmery orange with a touch of earthy brown for stability.

Peachblow: Juicy peach with a whisper of rose to keep the hue warm and inviting. Subtle multicolored sparkles

Winter Sunshine: A lovely peach base with multi-colored sparkles. More translucent than a base color, Winter Sunshine is a perfect highlighter or simply swept on as a bit of sparkle.

Shell Coral: Light coral shade with shimmer, when blended in it turns a peachy coral shade!

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