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Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows

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Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows
Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows
Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows
Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows
Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows
Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows
Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows
Gold Copper Bronze Eye Shadows

Gorgeous stunning golds, coppers and bronzes!!

Small .5 gram

Medium 1 gram

Large 2 grams

Want to try them all? See my sample listing!

Beholden: A stunning light sunset coppery orange that complements any eye color, and infused with loads of yellow gold sparkle.

Gold: Who says you can't live in splendor and still have a modest checkbook? With Gold eye shadow you have the chance to liberally play up your features or simply accentuate them. As bright as the sun and capturing the lemony yellow glow, Gold is pure shimmer.

Cinnagold: Light cinnamon color infused with gold shimmer. Yummy!

Copper: Bold, bright, and gloriously metallic, Copper is a jaw-dropping show stopper when applied even with
 moderation. This is what copper pennies SHOULD look like when they're first minted. But of course the Fed wants
 you to spend the money, not stare at it in awe.

Garland: A deeper darker gold, like the garland shimmering on a holiday tree.

Dazzle: Bursts into a sunshiney shimmer of yellow gold.

Orange Whip: Goes on yellow and suddenly it is golden orange!

Old Gold: Not looking for a thousand watt yellow gold? Try Old Gold and get the more subdued cousin. Gold is  sparkle bright while Old Gold is shimmer and has a darker yellow tint.

Wrap: a more subdued version of gold, meant to be an 'everyday' type shimmer and shine. A neutral sort of peachy gold with pale green sparkles.

Copper Peach: A brush of peach with the bold metallic properties of Copper.

Rose Gold: Soft pink with a subdued layer of gold sparkle.

Bemused: A coppery reddish gorgeous shade filled with sparkle.

Bronze Medal:  Of all the 'award winning' metals, Bronze is the rosy one. With the brightness of Gold and the sultry
allure of Copper, Bronze combines the best of both while adding a rosy apricot hue to the mix. Sparkle and shimmer.

Golden Amber: A muted mix of sunny golden yellow and warm honey gold, Golden Amber sparkles like the resin- gemstone it's named after.

Golden Gate: A soft metallic shimmer eye shadow, gold with a touch of rose.

Summer Gold: Don't let the dark brown appearance in the makeup pot fool you, this eye shadow lightens to a pale  peachy gold with tons of opulent sparkle when applied to the skin. Pure summer goodness.

Gold Ore: Chocolate and Gold. If that mix doesn't make your heart skip a beat, consider the earthy sparkle that has
 been added for you.

Gold Medal: A bright, showy gold with a metallic hue.

Fire Opal: Stunning, sizzling colors! Although it appears a tan color in the pot, once applied it explodes into a rouge
pink laden with multicolored sparkles!

Chameleon: A dull tan in the pot, once applied Chameleon explodes into a burst of multicolor shimmer.

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