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Brown Eye Shadow

Pink Quartz Minerals

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Brown Eye Shadow
Brown Eye Shadow

Pick one of the most popular brown eye shadow shades shown! You get one gram of shadow in a five gram sifter jar. Colors choices are:

Thistle: Medium brown eye shadow on the plum side of the spectrum. Excellent eyeliner!

Whisper: A matte light tan brown with just a whisper of peach to brighten.

Amber: Sparkling just as surely as the resin-gemstone it's named after, Amber is a showy combination of earthy browns and sun kissed gold.

Winter Bamboo: A neutral pink/flesh tone with iridescent multi-colored sparkles. A wonderful base or highlighter for those with a medium skin tone.

Kettle: Kettle is the deepest and darkest matte brown before you hit pure black on the color spectrum. Because of its ability to blend away into a pleasing shade of soft neutral brown, Kettle can even be worn by the most pale complexions while still looking natural.

Dark Chocolate: This scrumptious dessert of a color lets you keep your shape while indulging in its richness. As beautiful as pure cocoa with a hint of red which lends warmth, making it work for any color skin tone.

Grizzly: Almost an Indian yellow, Grizzly possesses a touch of earthy brown. Matte.

Tupelo Honey: Light and fluffy, consider this eye shadow to be a layer of gentle warmth when layered over other colors. And when used alone it can be as bright as the sun in the intensity of its sparkle.

Naked Frost: Matching pale skin tones perfectly and used on medium to dark skin tones as a glow or highlighter, Naked Frost can literally be the sparkling icing on the cake when combined with dramatic color schemes.

Bronze Medal: Of all the 'award winning' metals, Bronze is the rosy one. With the brightness of Gold and the sultry allure of Copper, Bronze combines the best of both while adding a rosy apricot hue to the mix. Sparkle and shimmer.

Saddle: Dark smoky matte brown.

Taupe: A deep brown with dark gray undertones, infused with silver sparkle.

Falcon: Soft matte medium brown with dark gray undertones.

Hot Cocoa: Spicy and more than a little sexy, this sparkling beauty is a mix of copper and bronze. The metallic glow it gives to skin means that on light complexions it really stands out and on darker complexions it blends to give a sultry warmth.

Elvenwood: Mostly matte medium brown with a honey undertone.

Dark: The deepest darkest brown with pink sparkle.

Someday: An unusual shade- looks brown in the pot but goes on a smokey deep green with brown undertone, and a shimmer finish. Excellent for an unusual eyeliner.

Copper Peach: A brush of peach with the bold metallic properties of Copper.

Plum Brown: A very workable matte brown with a hint of plum to give it a formal feel.

Soft Brown: yes. exactly.

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