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Pink Red Eye Shadow

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Pink Red Eye Shadow

Pick one of the most popular pink and reddish eye shadow shades shown! You get one gram of shadow in a five gram sifter jar. Colors choices are:

Enchantress: A matte medium pink which blends out into a dark rosy reddish pink color.
Prissy: Mostly matte, with the slightest shimmer; Prissy looks almost-purple on medium to dark skin tones and stays a true pink on pale skin.
Cherry Sky: This stunner is a complicated medley of purple, red, pink, and orange hues that when applied thickly stays on the purple/red side of the spectrum. When lightly smudged and thinned out Cherry Sky warms to a sunset orange. Metallic shimmer with a bit of sparkle. Think of this as getting four colors in one!
Cotton Candy: The pinkiest pink you can get without being garish or over the top. Loads of shimmer and sparkle.

Rose Gold: Soft pink with a subdued layer of gold sparkle.
Mauve: Glistening and sparkling, Mauve is a pink that ever-so-lightly edges into purple, leaving you with a dewy glow.
Sweet: The palest pink before you hit white, Sweet is a matte picture of innocence.
Pink Moment: A sultry metallic pink shimmer on the red side of the spectrum.

Petal: Delicate and fine, Petal boasts a slight shimmery sheen but still keeps its modest quality. Works and blends beautifully as a highlighter with darker colors.
Hollyberry: Not for the faint of heart, Hollyberry is a bold pink with pinkish purple sparkle. Used as an accent or as a main color, this pink is sure to get attention. Works well with other colors which have a silver base or silver sparkle.
Romance: Silver with a touch of pale pink for just the right shade of dewy sparkle to make your eyes shimmer.
Pink Slip: Almost lavender, Pink Slip slips in a wee bit of purple for a perplexing blend sure to catch attention. Matte

Imperial Garnet: A medium almost plum purple with a subtle burst of pink. Imperial Garnet has a red-purple base with a silver metallic sheen.
Ruby Tuesday: Dorothy eat your heart out, this is one ruby that us common folks can wear every day and not stick out like a sore thumb. The sparkle and down-to-earth brown tone is anything but common, however. Ruby Tuesday is a brighter way to wear brown while not committing to a pure red.
Ripe Raspberry: Just about good enough to eat, this sun kissed pinkie purple is sparkly enough to grab attention but not too over the top.
Strawberry Dream: For those who need something with a bit more warmth than a pure white can give you- Strawberry Dream is what you're looking for. Pale opaque pink with a dash of sparkle.

Ribbon: Almost translucent, this pink is reminiscent of a lipstick-stain-pink. Pink shimmer.
Toile: Sheer rosy pink with tan/brown base eye shadow, this color is perfect for every day!
Karmic Red: As close to red you can get without using chemicals or carmine. This red almost metallic shimmer eye shadow has the slightest fuchsia tint which makes it versatile enough to use next to blues or purples.
Cerise: For those who adore bright colors, this is the pink in your palette. When used wet, Cerise turns a slightly darker shade of pink. Tons of shimmer and sparkle.

Copper Red: Fiery as a chili pepper, this Copper is no slouch when it comes to grabbing attention. Sparkle and shimmer.
Lotus: If you like turning heads and need a good white highlight- then Lotus is definitely a good choice. The pink sparkles in an opaque base of shimmery white is unusual enough. But when your add its ability to appear almost red in bright lights then you're getting three colors in one.
Rusee: Medium shade of reddish mica with a strong metallic sheen. Meant to be used as a primary color/centerpiece or a very subtle detail.

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