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Blue Eye Shadows Pink Quartz Minerals Makeup Vegan

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Blue Eye Shadows Pink Quartz Minerals Makeup Vegan
Blue Eye Shadows Pink Quartz Minerals Makeup Vegan
Blue Eye Shadows Pink Quartz Minerals Makeup Vegan
Blue Eye Shadows Pink Quartz Minerals Makeup Vegan
Your choice of blue shadows/liners in 3 sizes!

Small - 1/2 gram of shadow
Medium - 1 gram of shadow
Large - 2 grams of shadow

You can use these as eye shadows, eyeliners, etc.

Give your Old makeup the Brush Off!

Choose from these shades:

Code Blue: is a soft powder blue light matte shade. It glides on and smooths out like satin, yet has a super subtle finish.

Hulla Blue: Note: Highly pigmented. Use with a steady hand. Dark navy blue with a shimmer of teal sparkles. 

Pearl Blue: A soft, silvery blue with a classy metallic shimmer. 

Vivid: Vividly unique and appropriately named- this color stands out from the crowd. A daring blue with a touch of teal sparkle.

Moody Blue: At first glance in the makeup pot this eye shadow appears to be almost a dusky powdery purple, but when applied on skin it transforms into a stormy day gray/blue. Matte. Smudges beautifully as a not-quite-blue eyeliner and substitute for plain gray. 

Ocean Blue: Medium powder blue. Matte. 

Midnight Blue: Darker than Moody Blue, Midnight Blue has the same dusky gray effect. Nearly a dark blue jean shade. Matte.

Seven Seas: The shimmery sparkle of open water during a sunrise. Medium blue with teal sparkles. 

Sky Blue: Matte light blue for everyday wear.

Black Orchid: This stunning deepest black is highlighted with a shimmery ocean blue, a perfect eyeliner or eye shadow for those.. romantic evenings. Black Orchid looks bluest where light hits and takes a gray tone in shadow. Like getting two colors for the price of one!

Starry Eyed: Rich primary blue with a slight turquoise sheen and loads of sparkle.

Moonstone: Powdery matte blue in the medium range which is enchanting when used on the lid alone and an elegant crease smudge when used next to darker or lighter colors.

Night Dust: Bold enough to be worn as a single eye shadow or take the place of the standard black eye liner, Night Dust is a deep dark navy with a subtle splash of teal sparkle which lightens and brightens the eyes. 

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