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Purple Eye Shadows

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Purple Eye Shadows
Your choice of purple shadows in 3 sizes!

Sample jar
Medium - 1 gram of shadow
Large - 2 grams of shadow

You can use these as eye shadows, highlighters for lids, cheeks, etc.

Give your Old makeup the Brush Off!

Choose from these shades:

Prince: If the pastels had to choose their royalty, this would be it. Prince isn't a pure powder blue or a pure lilac purple but a breathtaking combination of the two. With its very wearable matte finish, Prince can be dressed up with a bold eyeliner or made casual by leaving plain.

Frosty Plum: Nearly metallic total purple shine with pink undertones

Fairy Wing: This can be described as the fairy dust on a fairy's wing... or better yet the silvery sparkle on a purple fairy's wing. Either way, this is one sparkling gem of a color. Pastel purple with silver and purple sparkles. Catches the light like a dream.

Swoon: Medium purple with electric pink shimmer

Tempting: A matte purple gray

Winter Mountain: Grayish pink with an abundance of silver and pink sparkle, Winter Mountain is thin enough to be used as a highlighter or alone as a sheer layer of sparkle. 

Vice: Looks are very deceptive. At first glance Vice is a plum purple. When applied to skin it turns to luscious grape purple with a silver cast. Depending on how thickly it is applied you are literally getting three colors in one jar. It can be used as a pastel purple, medium, or a dark smoky purple-black.

Violette: A solid purple which lays down a good amount of pigment, Violette gives a bit of a surprise with its subtle addition of multi-colored sparkles.

Aronia: This is the purple that anybody can pull off with a stable hand and a good brush. The sultry mix of black, blue,and royal purple is offset with a charcoal gray to keep the color from veering off too far in one direction or the other.

Iris Lace: A delicate matte with a subtle tribute to one of the most stately flowers, the iris,

Tulip: Striking shimmery purple.

Velvet: Deep dark and luscious, this purple has a metallic sheen that really pops. Perfectly smudgable for that smoky look.

Secret: A soft and hazy form of pastel purple in a neutral shade. Matte.

Soft Violet: An opaque medium purple with a touch of feminine sparkle. Can be smudged and worn as a smoky purple liner. 

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